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Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club / 2005

Founded in 1954, the Satyrs Motorcycle Club is the oldest, continuously running gay organization in the world. The men in this motorcycle club were profoundly affected by the two world wars and Stanley Kramer’s film, The Wild Ones, which featured a leather-clad icon Marlon Brando. Through archival photos, vintage film footage, and first hand accounts by the men who were there, Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club offers a revealing look at the evolution of gay motorcycle club culture and its influence on the larger LGBTQ and modern leather communities.




Original Pride: The Satyrs Motorcycle Club (2005) Trailer


Official Selection CineKink
Official Selection NewFest New York City
Official Selection Out Takes Film Festival New Zealand



Call Me Troy / 2007

Profiling the life and times of one of the gay community’s most visible and tenacious advocates for change, Rev. Troy Perry, Call Me Troy is a truly inspirational story about a remarkable and dynamic individual whose activism was decades ahead of its time.

Rev. Perry is perhaps best known as the founder of the Metropolitan Community Church – the first church to recognize the spiritual needs of the gay community – but his “firsts” don’t stop there. He was the first openly gay person to serve on the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations. In 1969, Perry performed the first public same-sex wedding in the U.S., and in 1970 he filed the first-ever lawsuit seeking legal recognition for same-gender marriages. From presidential advisor to outspoken advocate, Perry has been on the front lines leading the charge for equal rights and protections for gay men and lesbians the world over as well as providing a place for all people, gay and straight, to worship side by side. This film celebrates his life and his legacy.



Best Documentary, ReelHeART International Film Festival Audience Award,
Best Documentary, Miami Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Audience Award, Best Film, Austin Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
Audience Award, Best Documentary, Cinekink, New York
Runner Up, Audience Award, Best Documentary, Palm Springs International Film Festival
Second runner-up, Audience Award Winning Feature Film, Wichita Tallgrass Film Festival


“Call Me Troy presents a history of the MCC as well as a biography of Troy Perry, and places both in the context of gay life in America in the second half of the twentieth century. It’s a big enthusiastic film, as befits its subject, and adds yet another element to the ever-growing picture of diversity within America’s gay community.”
-Sarah Boslaugh, Film Critic, PLAYBACK:stl

“Maybe the best storytelling of any film this year is, in fact, a documentary by Scott Bloom about Troy Perry, the founder of the Metropolitan Community Church.  …[T]he telling of his story (mostly in the first person but with the help of a really entertaining cast of cohorts) is so comprehensive and so rich in its scope that you are left feeling as though you lived alongside the man.  And what a life it has been”

-Mark James – PlanetOut.com



Call Me Troy (2007) Trailer



Out For The Long Run / 2010

The film’s focus is on a handful of openly gay high school and college athletes as they navigate the turbulent waters of their uncertain world. Utilizing footage shot by our cameras and video diaries kept throughout the year, we will show the world a new generation of courage in what could be the most homophobic place on a high school campus: the locker room. At a time where young gay men and women are literally being bullied to death, this film’s poignant message is, there is hope. This film will bring to light stories of triumph and tragedy when young people are forced to follow their passion for sports with the handicap of social stigma dogging their every step. We’ll also take a look at how the atmosphere for young people in high school has changed both for the good, and not so good. Current openly gay professional and collegiate athletes will help us round out the picture of what these amazing young men and women are up against physically and emotionally as they excel in their chosen sports.




“There are three keys to documentary filmmaking: a good subject, a good story line and good luck. Scott Bloom found all three”

Dan Woog – PrideSource.com

“Out For the Long Run is one of the best gay documentaries ever made and I urge you to see it because it’s that rare stereotype- breaking GLBT film that focuses on the positives rather than usual angst of being a homosexual. This movie will give you hope for the future”

Warren Day – The Florida Agenda

A very important film for what it can teach us about the negative climate for LGB people in high schools and what LGB people themselves are doing to rise above it

UMass Stonewall Center Director Genny Beemyn


Out For the Long Run (2010) Trailer

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