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Shawn Balentine – Stunt Coordinator

Shawn Balentine is a Stuntman/ Stunt Coordinator whose credits include American Horror Story, Under the Dome and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He has performed as a Stunt Double for the great Patton Oswalt, James Corden, Jack Black, Neil Casey, Oliver Cooper & Chaz Bono. Since coming out in 2016 he’s been trying hard to change the Stereo Types of being a openly LGBT behind the scenes in Hollywood. Most recently lending his voice & skills to an Anti-Bullying PSA and a LGBT Teen Suicide PSA. Shawn will be coordinating the stunts that set the story of Raceland in motion.

I really want to see this. It has stellar dialogue, compelling characters, a wonderful thematic core, and some truly poignant moments. I’m totally on board.

We’ve budgeted our film out at $60,000.00. I know you’re saying, “But hey, Scott, you’re only trying to raise $30,000.00. What gives?” Well, I’ve already raised half the money by taking extra editing jobs and working on side projects. (A lesson I learned from my niece) All the money raised was dedicated to making Raceland… That’s how much I believe in this story.

The artists who make great movies spend years honing their craft. Indie films rely on the generosity of these folks to share with us their talents to create worlds that transport us to another time and place. But it goes without saying, that dedication deserves just compensation. So the money that we’re asking you to donate is helping us to support Indie film and all the individuals who dedicate their lives to this craft.

Our perks are designed so that you have the opportunity to support the aspects of the film project that most excite you. For instance, did you know that feeding a crew member three meals a day on a film like Raceland is about $50 a day? Yeah! Multiply that by 20 crew members and it adds up quick. So if food is your thing, pick the “craft services” pledge. Then there are the cameras, the lights, the sound, the sets, costumes and makeup, and the folks who do the work, all necessary to breath life into a great script. But you can dedicate your dollars to the department you want to support and get a nice perk in return.

Moreover, supporting short films sometimes leads to feature length films. The movie Sling Blade actually started out as a black and white short film by Billy Bob Thornton that was so good, it was bought by MiraMax and turned into an Oscar winning feature length film. Short films are often a first step to a successful career in the movies, so your donation might be funding the next Coen brother. It could happen.

Your participation is vital to this project. Your support will help me begin a conversation that I think is way overdue, How can men openly and unashamedly express the deep emotional love they have for other men without feeling as though they may be doing something wrong? We know that love between straight identifying men exists, our job is to lift the veil and let in the sunlight.

Super Size Your Perk

You can be a part of the campaign! When you donate to Raceland, send us a short video about why you’re excited to support us and you can pick one additional perk item of equal or lesser value. Just remember to introduce yourself and spell your name so that we get it right, then pick your additional gift. You’ll be featured right here as an official supporter of our film. It’s just that easy.