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Raceland: A Look into the True Hearts of Two Men

Tragoidia Moving pictures proudly introduces it’s new film in progress: Raceland.  It’s the story of Blake and Lloyd, two childhood friends from the bayou, whom, after years apart, have rekindled their friendship. And, after Lloyd suffers a serious injury, Blake steps in to nurse him back to health. This film explores the complications that emerge when two basically heterosexual men rediscover the sometimes tender and intimate feelings they’ve had for each other throughout the years but have learned to suppress.

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Tragoidia Moving Pictures has also produced two award winning documentary films that have aired on Los Angeles’ PBS station KLCS 58.


CALL ME TROY – The compelling story of the Reverend Troy Perry. A pioneer in the early days of the struggle for LGBT equality.

OUT FOR THE LONG RUN – an interesting look at what it’s like for high school kids of the current generation to be not only “out and proud,” but also an active high school athlete in today’s more tolerant times.

Pictured below is Tragoidia’s Scott Bloom taking place in an on-air discussion at Los Angeles public TV station KLCS.