Casinos are often a popular destination for gamblers, offering a variety of games, drinks, and entertainment. Some casinos even offer luxurious accommodations and spas to pamper the intrepid player.

Despite their glitz and glamour, however, casinos are notorious for tricking people into spending more money than they have to. Here are nine tricks casinos use to keep their patrons gambling:

1. Curving Paths, Gaming Sections

A casino’s layout is designed to lure visitors in, with curving paths and strategic gaming sections that tempt players to stop and try a new game or two. In addition, most casinos employ psychological methods when designing their physical layout, color schemes, gameplay, and even fragrance in the air to encourage people to spend more money.

2. Free Drinks

Booze decreases inhibitions and makes people feel more confident in their decisions, so casinos offer complimentary beverages to anyone who plays a slot machine or a table game. They know that a tipsy gambler will make bad decisions and will likely win less than a sober person, so the more people who come to the casino and play the more money the casino makes.

3. Dealers Change Every Time a Player Wins

One of the best ways for casinos to get their customers to gamble more is by changing their dealers whenever a player wins. This is particularly common for games of poker, where players have a chance to win big prizes if they beat the house.

4. The Music and Sounds Are Designed to Entice You

When it comes to sound, most casinos use upbeat music to create excitement, while ringing bells and sirens also encourage gamblers to spend more money. They also control the air quality, temperature, and lighting to create a mood that is both exciting and inviting.

5. Dealers Have a High Level of Security

The casino staff keeps an eye on the players in each game, from dealers to pit bosses and table managers. They monitor every move a player makes and can spot cheats like palming, marking cards or switching the dice. They can also watch out for a player’s betting patterns, which are a good indication of someone trying to scam the casino.

6. Free Meals and Stays at an Expensive Hotel

Getting a free meal or room at an expensive hotel is a great way to attract people to the casino. It can also convince them to stay there longer and spend more money, especially if they have an expensive night out afterward.

7. The Security Teams Are Very Trained

A lot of casino employees are trained in the ways to spot cheats or crooks. They have a lot of experience in dealing with the general public, and are constantly being educated on how to spot suspicious behavior.

In addition, they have a high level of training in the technical aspects of each game. They’re trained to notice when a player has made a mistake and to alert the other players and staff members. This helps to ensure that every game runs smoothly and without any cheats.