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Southern Knights table read January 20th


Work has begun on Tragoidia Moving Pictures latest project, “Southern Knights”.


The final table read for “Southern Knights” was held on Sunday January 20th, 2013.

In attendance for the read were Writer/Director Scott Bloom, Co-Director Myra Turley, Co-Producer and Director of Photography Clay Westervelt. Those reading the script were as follows: James Oliver/”Jim”, Matt Zarley/”Roger”, Anderson Gabrych/Max, Ena Fleming/”Viola”, Amy Schloerb/”Ben”, Andrew Campbell/”Brian” & “the Cajun vendor”, Myra Turley/”Mrs. Walker” and others, Daniel Gordh/”Jerry” and others, Maxx Elliott/assorted males, Gerry Mullins/assorted males, Staci Lawrence/Stage Direction, others.

Our entire crew for ‘Southern Knights’ at this weekend’s table read


All images courtesy of Kathi Turner, Photographer

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